Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Sunday Walk With The Indian Ghosts Who Haunt The Village Creek Natural Historical Area

The Village Creek Blue Bayou
I realized this morning I may have been overdoing the mountain biking at Gateway Park.

This realization came to me when I realized how frequently I've pedaled the Gateway Park trails in the past couple weeks, at ever increasing velocity and ride length.

And that this behavior must be what has caused me to have some aching muscles in the mid-section / lower back zone.

So, until the pain abates, no mountain bike trails for me.

With mountain biking currently being a no-no, I decided to go to Arlington, to the Village Creek Natural Historical Area to walk with my Indian Ghost friends who I've been neglecting lately.

With the temperature being above 90 there was not a big crowd of fellow ghost walkers today.

More people need to discover how pleasant it is to walk under the shade of the Village Creek trees when one might think the temperature was too HOT to possibly be pleasant.

Very little water is flowing through Village Creek, making for some very stagnant, scummy ponds. The Village Creek Blue Bayou is choking on foliage, with the water a little less scummy than what remains in Village Creek.

Seeing all that stagnant water made me wonder what the plan is to keep the water in the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle's Granger Pond and the canals, if the canals are still part of the myopic vision, from being stagnant.

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