Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rush Limbaugh & Gar The Texan In The War On The Sanctity Of Traditional Marriage

I swiped the above from Facebook, from the aforementioned, in the previous blogging to this current one, Southern Belle, Miss Connie. I thought it was amusing.

Rush Limbaugh is such a blowhard. But, he also is amusing. At times.

Mr. Limbaugh's somewhat hypocritical opining about Barack Obama's alleged war on traditional marriage put me in mind of Gar the Texan's recent blog posts where he opines about his level of approval of North Carolina voters approving an amendment to their state's constitution that makes it a law in that state that only a man and woman can get married.

I can't help but wonder how that works if someone gets a sex change and then finds someone to marry them of the now opposite sex? Is that spelled out in the amendment? Maybe North Carolina will need to amend the amendment.

I'm not sure how many ex-wives Gar the Texan has. Minimally, I know of three. There may be more. I can see how having multiple ex-wives would drive someone to be a big supporter of anything that preserves the sanctity of traditional marriage.

Gar the Texan has really quaint ideas about how the government should mind its own business, as if minding everyone's business isn't the government's business.

So far the government has not stopped Gar the Texan from marrying any of his wives. The government did not even say no when Gar the Texan wanted a license to marry a German. I think the government was very irresponsible in this particular instance.

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