Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This Morning I Heard From A Relative Of Geronimo About Jesse James

I get a lot of comments to my various blogs. They are often interesting. Or amusing. Or both.

But it is not my blogs that usually get the best of the comments, it is my Eyes on Texas website that usually gets the best of the comments, only on that website, I call the comments "Feedback."

Years ago, after a local bit of nonsense sprung up in Granbury about Jesse James, I added "The Truth About Jesse Jame" to my Eyes on Texas website.

This morning I got "Feedback" from a relative of Geronimo, asking me about Jesse James.....

The man known as deacon reminds me of some of the Jennings. They were in Kansas City, Missouri at that time, left in 1869. Albert A. Jennings, who is a cousin of the James Brother, as well and the Youngers, he was there in Missouri for while since he left Reddish River North Carolina after his marriage to his wife Mary Pollanna Muse. 1853, the son of John Thomas Jennings and Nancy I. Irving or Irvin, one of the founding people probably founded the place between Fort Worth and Dallas. I suspect Albert A. Jennings was a member of the James gang. For some reason he changed his last name from Jennings to Gennings or Gennins, like he was on the lam.

Also have you heard the story were Jesse James sold the rifles and ammo to the Lakota Sioux that ended in the destruction of another cousin, General George Armstrong Custer, even though he really deserved what he had did to my red brothers.

Guess I would classify myself part Indian, for interest sake, i am married to the great great great granddaughter of Geronimo, through his second wife and daughter Tosey, who married Jose Ramirez. Of course my wife was born in a place called Idabel, Oklahoma.

On your page you should have the photo of Jesse James when he was there, took with some sheriff or somebody of that time.

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