Friday, April 6, 2012

Thanks To The Miracles Of Modern Communication I Know Theo's Mom Is Out Of Surgery

That is my nephew Theo in green, in his backyard, collecting eggs in last Saturday's Easter Egg Hunt at his house in Tacoma.

This afternoon I was driving to pick up a new bike when  my phone lit up, saying "MaPa". When I call my mom and dad I call on the "AzMaPa" number.

Incoming on the "MaPa" number meant something was up.

I flipped open the phone and said the standard hello. My mom asked me if I'd talked to anyone up north. I said I had not and asked why, what's wrong?

Apparently my little sister, Theo's mom, called my mom today, describing terrible pain. My mom told my little sister to get to a doctor. When my little sister went to the doctor the doctor sent her to a hospital to have her appendix removed before it burst.

After talking to mom I called my big sister, she being my other sibling still in Washington. I talked to my big sister awhile and then she got a call from the hospital.

I was walking around Wal-Mart when the phone text thing made its noise. It was a text message from my big sister telling me my little sister was out of surgery.

All this had me thinking our modern world and its ease of communicating sure does make it a small world after all, just like Disneyland predicted decades ago.

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