Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Sunday Walk With The Fosdic Lake Ducks

Serene Sunday Fosdic Lake
The rain stopped raining down in semi-downpour mode before noon.

So I decided that a walk around Fosdic Lake in Oakland Lake Park would be good for some of what ails me.

But, as I drove on to Oakland Lake Park's westside parking lot, big drops began to hit my windshield.

The big drops only dropped a few drops before stopping the dropping.

But, I grabbed a bumbershoot anyway, in case the rain began to drop again.

It didn't.

However, I did hear one loud clap of thunder.

A Quacking Fosduck Enjoying The Storm Respite
The time is now rapidly approaching 3 on this Sunday afternoon. Methinks the storming is over at my location on the planet, for now.

I had myself a real fine time this morning swimming in the rain.

When a downpour gets you soaked before you make it to the pool, there is none of the usual temperature acclimating to the slightly cool pool water needed.

The sun is looking like it may be breaking through the cloud cover. I'm thinking I might enjoy a second swim of the day, a rain-free swim, with possibly some poolside lounging.

I am trying to get sufficiently suntanned so I am not an albino spectacle when I go swimming with the dolphins that live off South Padre Island.

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