Monday, April 2, 2012

The Second Day Of April Dawns Cloudy In Texas

Looking through the bars of my patio prison cell on the second day of April the only thing that appears to be illuminated is the hot tub shaped like a beehive.

That illumination shortage has since abated with the daily scheduled arrival of the celestial light bulb.

There appears to be a layer of clouds between my terrestrial location and that aforementioned celestial light bulb.

Even with those clouds preventing direct solar contact the sun has still managed to heat the outer world to 68 degrees at my location, heading to a predicted high, today, of 82.

Tomorrow the weather predictors are predicting a drop in temperature, along with some potential rain and electrical activity.

Changing the subject from my favorite to my second favorite.

Have I mentioned that despite 10 days of doing a lot more eating than my norm, including things like candy, which normally I never eat, a lot of peanuts, multiple hamburgers, fishburgers, potato chips, french fries, t-bone steaks, various pies, cinnamon rolls and non-diet Cokes, I somehow managed to lose weight when I was in Arizona?

I think the only thing that can explain the unexplained Arizona weight loss is the strenuous driving multiple miles over strenuous roads and the strenuous hiking over strenuous trails that my sister subjected me to. And maybe the strenuous swimming with the well-seasoned ladies of Sun Lakes.

I am thinking I would like to move to Arizona. There are a few obstacles in the way of making that happen, but I've hurdled obstacles in the past to make something happen when I wanted something to happen.

But, before I move to Arizona, I think I will go swimming before it gets any hotter.

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