Tuesday, April 24, 2012

On The Tandy Hills After A Morning With The Unstoppable Woman

The Re-Erected Bamboo Tandy Teepee
The Unstoppable Woman called this morning which led me to having way too much fun with website issues.

The Unstoppable Woman, to which I refer, is not Elsie Hotpepper.

Now that you've got me thinking about the Unstoppable Elsie Hotpepper, I realize I've not heard from her today. I was too consumed with the other Unstoppable Woman to realize Elsie Hotpepper has gone missing again.

I needed a break from the Unstoppable Woman issues so I took myself to the top of Mount Tandy and had a real fine time walking up and down 8 hills. I figure if I keep doing this type behavior eventually I will get in shape.

I was pleased to see, today, that the keeper of the Bambo Tandy Teepee has re-erected the fallen Teepee.

The mystery of the pile of bamboo, deep inside the Tandy Hills, and the erection of the Bamboo Tandy Teepee has never been solved.

It is a little warm today at 82 degrees. According to my temperature source the humidity has the real feel of the temperature being 87 degrees. 87 degrees is bordering on HOT.

I need to make a phone call about the Unstoppable Woman. I guess I will quit procrastinating and do that now.

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