Friday, April 13, 2012

The Morning Of Friday The 13th With Fizzled Missiles & Noisy Wind Chimes

Looking through the bars of my patio prison cell on this morning of Friday the 13th, this particular day in April does not seem to be boding ill so far.

It was nice to learn this Friday the 13th morning that the North Koreans did not have good luck launching a missile.

All night long it was very windy at my location on the planet. I was hearing wind chimes all night long. I do not like wind chimes. I think wind chimes should be banned.

I also think saggy pants should be banned. I read this morning that some judge somewhere that I've already forgotten sent a guy to jail for wearing saggy pants in public.

I saw a lady in Wal-Mart, yesterday, who I thought should maybe get some jail time for what she was wearing in public.

Clearly I am in a very anti-libertarian mood this Friday the 13th morning.

At this point in time it is already 35 degrees above freezing. I probably should shut my windows before it gets any hotter.

I think it is hot enough to go swimming now.

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