Saturday, April 21, 2012

Late Saturday Afternoon Visit From A Pair Of Mini-Alligators

A few minutes ago I was peacefully minding my business, clacking away on the computer keyboard, when suddenly frantic motion caught the periphery of my vision, with the motion occurring on the ledge outside my primary viewing portal.

A pair of big mini-alligators were engaging in some sort of ritual. Mating maybe? Territorial fight? I have no idea. I am not well-tuned into the lizard mindset.

As soon as they caught my attention the pair of mini-alligators quit what they were doing and went into a sort of frozen posture, trying to not be noticed, I suppose.

This frozen posing made it easy to take some mini-gator photos.

When I left the room and continued to observe from outside the mini-gator's view, the pair resumed their strange gyrating behavior. That lasted less than a minute, with one of the pair disappearing. Leaving behind one mini-alligator who remains perched on my window ledge.

I feel fairly safe from the big mini-lizards. I am fairly certain they can not get through the window screen. Just to be safe, maybe I should shut the window, lest I end up in bed with a cold-blooded lizard. Would not be the first time.

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