Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Last Tuesday Of April Dawns With No Favorable Or Unfavorable Opinion About Fort Worth

Looking at the outer world from my secondary viewing portal on this final Tuesday of April, it appears my views is being increasingly blocked by increasingly bigger green foliage.

I don't recollect Texas ever looking as green as it does currently, at any other point, during my exile from the Evergreen State.

Speaking of the Evergreen State, this morning I read something called Public Policy Polling ask the question "Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of (various cities)?"

The title of the article let's you know which city was at the top of the list, "Seattle tops popularity list of U.S. cities".

Two Texas towns are on the list, those being Dallas and Houston. More people had a favorable opinion of Dallas than they did of Houston.

I don't know why these pollsters did not ask if those being polled had a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Fort Worth.

But I can hazard a guess.

That being the pollster likely only asked about cities about whom the majority of Americans might have an opinion.

And not ask about cities about whom most Americans know nothing.

Fort Worth might want to ask itself why most Americans know nothing about Fort Worth. It is a question worth pondering in the city that makes America Green with Envy.

It is currently 54 degrees. Time to go swimming before it gets any hotter.

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