Sunday, April 8, 2012

I Slept In Missing My Easter Sunrise Service

The sun has risen before me two mornings in a row. This is unprecedented.

As you can see via looking at one of my favorite views of the outer world, the ground appears to be dry. I do not believe any of the predicted rain dropped to the ground at my location.

Looking skyward the sky appears to be cloudy and thus not sunny on this 2nd Sunday of April.

Speaking of the sun rising, today is the day known as Easter, celebrating the day when the alleged Son of God rose from the dead and journeyed to North America to spread the Word of God to the Indians, and eventually Joesph Smith, so he could begun the Mormon religion.

I've never understood how the Mormons are able to believe Jesus ministered to the Indians when there is not even the slightest evidence that any of the Native American tribes became Christians until the Spanish arrived and begin brutalizing the natives to save their heathen souls.

America is such a religiously tolerant country. I believe the majority of Americans consider themselves Christian. Even so, we may elect a president who is Mormon and who believes Jesus preached to the North American Indians after rising from the dead in Jerusalem.

I don't believe we've yet had a Jewish president. Or a Scientology president. But we may get ourselves a Mormon president. Like I said, America is such a religiously tolerant country.

Happy Easter!

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