Saturday, April 7, 2012

I Did Not Get A Barbie Doll Water Bottle On My First Bike Ride Of The Year

Well. I have now gone on my first bike ride in well over a year.

I thought it wise not to go a long distance my first time out on the new bike. So, I went to Quanah Parker Park to pedal the paved trail.

All went well. The bike rides comfortably with no annoying quirks. I like the newfangled disk brakes. They make for a different stopping experience than the method of brake pads squeezing the wheel rim.

Where you see my bike parked, in the picture, is the end of the trail, marked by the sign that says "END."

If you could see to the right of where the bike is parked you would see the HUGE Chesapeake Energy complex that sprawls across a former baseball field complex at the north end of Oakland Boulevard.

After I was done with the bike ride I continued west on Randol Mill Road to go to Town Talk. The Tent Sale I mentioned earlier today turned out to have no tents for sale, but instead was a bunch of stuff I did not need, being sold under a giant tent.

A lot of people, other than me, were eagerly buying the stuff that was under the tent in the Tent Sale. Things like plastic Halloween pumpkins, Barbie Doll water bottles and Christmas decorations.

It is time for lunch now.

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