Monday, April 23, 2012

An Evening River Legacy Bike Ride With A Blue Trinity River & New Veridian Trails

The Trinity River Runs Blue Through Arlington
No, that is not the boarded up boardwalk in Fort Worth's Gateway Park you are looking at in the picture.

It is the un-boarded up boardwalk in Arlington's extremely well maintained River Legacy Park.

That blue body of water you see surrounded by lush, green vegetation is the Trinity River.

Somehow, after leaving Fort Worth, the Trinity River is scrubbed of its greenish/brown murky color and cleaned to a glistening blue.

I don't think J.D. Granger's Magic Trees are yet in place to account for the river cleaning.

A couple weeks ago I biked the trails of River Legacy and opined my surprise at the number of people having fun in various ways on the trails, mid-day. I wondered, at that time, how big the crowd was in the evening, or on a weekend.

Well, tonight I learned the answer.

There are an incredible number of Texans getting off their collective big rears and having themselves a real fine time enjoying the perfect weather and Arlington's near perfect park.

I like to leap to big conclusions from very little evidence, so I'm going to leap to the big conclusion that many Texans have tired of being among the biggest people in America and are doing something about it.

The Blocked Paved Trail To Veridian
No wonder Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington have not lately shown up on any list of the Top 20 Fattest Cities in America.

And then there's the Huffine's Veridian project mysteries, due north of River Legacy Park.

Tonight I learned that the trail in the making that leads out of River Legacy Park, to Veridian, has now been paved.

In the earlier blogging about this development Anonymous wondered how access would be controlled at the connection between the public park and the private development.

Well, tonight I think the answer was found. Four orange pillars block access.

What I am curious about is where was the public meeting where the subject of allowing this connection between this private development and this public park was discussed with the public getting to have input?

I had a strong impulse to toss the four orange pillars into the brush and pedal the new trail.

I resisted the impulse.

I really do not like myself when I resist impulses.

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