Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dry Tandy Hills Hiking Before Rain Ruined Easter Picnics & Arlington Disaster Area Credential Concerns

Wildflowers Atop Mount Tandy
When I arrived at the top of Mount Tandy today a few big plops of raindrops hit my windshield. When I exited my vehicle I could hear thunder rumbling to the north of me.

I momentarily considered aborting the hill hiking, but then decided to risk getting wet and struck by a lightning bolt.

The rain did not go into downpour mode until I had re-ascended Mount Tandy and was back in my dry vehicle.

In the picture you are looking at part of the prairie on top of Mount Tandy. This is the largest open field of wildflowers in the Tandy Hills zone. Much larger than the open fields of wildflowers drivers-by see from View Street.

I don't believe many people know how to venture to the top of Mount Tandy to see the big open field of wildflowers.

Simply drive Oakland Boulevard til you come to Barnett Street, head west on Barnett, past Martel Avenue, past the entry to the NBC broadcast center, then take a left on the barely paved road you'll see as the road bends. Drive towards the Fort Worth Space Needle and you'll find yourself surrounded by a big open prairie covered with wildflowers.

Trail In To The Tandy Jungle
The Tandy Jungle was being particularly rain forest-like today. Next time I think I need to bring a machete with me to hack my way through

I got in my hour of salubrious endorphin inducing aerobic hill hiking and then headed to Wal-Mart to get a Razzleberry Pie. And some other stuff.

The route to Wal-Mart took me by Oakland Lake Park where I saw a lot of people had set up elaborate Easter picnic parties, hauling in chairs, tables and big BBQs. I think a lot of people had their Easter picnics rudely interrupted by the severe Thunderstorm that has been banging and dripping for a couple hours now.

The route to Wal-Mart also took me by one of those freeway message signs that seem all too often to have goofy messages, like "Click-it or Ticket" or "Texas Motor Speedway Congestion."

Today the message was something like "Arlington Disaster Area Credentials Required For Entry."

I don't know where the Arlington Disaster Area is. I guess the intention of the sign was to let people heading to the Arlington Disaster Area know they would not get into the disaster area without the proper credentials.

What about all those hapless people without credentials heading to the Arlington Disaster Area via roads, other than the freeway, roads that don't have these important message boards?

It must come as a shock to those hapless people to get to the Arlington Disaster Area to find that they are denied entry due to not being properly credentialed.

The storming seems to finally be letting up. I think I might grab my credentials and go see if I can find the Arlington Disaster Area.

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