Friday, April 20, 2012

The Dawn Of Another Blue Day Trying To Make Fort Worth Hip

Blue seems to be the dominant color scheme on this morning of the 3rd Friday of April.

I'm feeling a bit blue this morning. I am very stodgy and don't like change. This morning Google changed its Blogger product. Google seems to change its products way too much. The changes never seem like an improvement to me.

For me, the changes to Google AdSense made AdSense a total mess.

In addition to Google annoying me, Mother Nature had a big fit in the middle of the night, tossing rain to the ground, along with some lightning bolts. The booming did not last too long.

This morning I read that something called Travel+Leisure ranked 10 American towns according to their Hipster friendliness.

I am not sure I know what a Hipster is. Modern era Hippie? I don't know.

I clicked through the Top Ten Hipster City List expecting to find Fort Worth near the top.

But, the only Texas town on the Hipster List is Austin at #7.

7. Austin: "The Texas capital has long been a hotbed for live music as well as offbeat types, but the trendsetting locals also scored big points for being tech-fluent." 

The Number 3 Hipster town is San Francisco. Number 2 is a few miles north of San Francisco, the town of Portland. And #1 is.........

1. Seattle: "These northwesterners prove that a key to hipsterness is being ahead of the curve: they won the survey for their smarts, their tech savvy, and their high-octane coffee. As a result, the geek chic may be a little more buttoned-down here than in other cities." 

I have tried to import smarts, tech savvy and high-octane coffee to Fort Worth, but there is only so much one person can do to amp up a town's hipness.

It is 30 degrees above freezing right now. I think I will go swimming before it gets any hotter.

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