Saturday, April 14, 2012

The 2nd Saturday Of April Dawns Windy & Warm

The 2nd Saturday of April, day 14, is currently being very windy and heated to 40 degrees above freezing.

As you can sort of see, via the view from one of my viewing portals on the outer world, the sky above the pool looks to be a bit stormy.

But the weather predictors are not, currently, predicting stormy weather for today at my location in North Texas.

However, a few miles to the north, in Oklahoma, hatches are being battened down in anticipation of big hail and tornadoes.

The weather predictors are predicting storms for North Texas tomorrow, but not as severe as today's prediction for Oklahoma.

Something in the air is back irritating my vision orbs. I tire of excessive blinking.

I think I will try to make my way to the pool, in between wind gusts, and go swimming now.

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