Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday In Arizona With Nephews Smoked Turkey Legs & Target Power Walking

That is my nephew, who is known as Tanner CJ, who you are looking at sucking on a bottle of Coke, in the picture, sitting in his mother's backyard, after arriving late, from Spring Training.

Spring Training is a baseball thing that seems to be real important to the locals.

I have had myself another exhausting day in Arizona, with the day mostly ending with Spaghetti and something called deep-fried mozzarella cigars, at my sister's house, in Chandler.

Tanner CJ's brother, Whitey JR, showed up first. I found Whitey JR's description of all the online stuff he does to sell his skateboards and related paraphernalia  to be very interesting.

Whitey JR's brother, Tanner CJ, showed up driving a new white Mercedes. Near as I can tell, having listened to Tanner CJ, at length, he somehow came to be driving the new white Mercedes via his gambling career at various casinos, mostly in Las Vegas, including this past weekend, when a group of his fellow gambling co-horts, from Washington and Arizona, stayed in the Real World suite at The Palms.

I do not know if Tanner CJ saw Adrienne Maloof while he was at The Palms.

My favorite brother-in-law, and I, tried to watch American Idol. But we were mostly thwarted by the heckling of my nephews and my sister and mom and dad's loud talking. It was very frustrating.

Eventually my mom told me it was my bedtime and hence time to drive mom and dad back to their homeport.

Previous to going to my sister's, this evening, we spent most of the morning smoking turkey legs in mom and dad's big smoker. It is not a Texas style BBQ smoker, but it seemed to get the job done.

At some point in time, after our smoked turkey lunch, we took off, with me driving, to fill up the gas tank in preparation for tomorrow's early morning trip to the east, to Globe. Prior to filling the tank we went power walking at Target. This is a very common activity when you live in a retirement village.

I got several odd blog comments tonight. One came from someone called Anonymous who thought I'd called all the people in Fort Worth numbskulls. I most certainly did not do such a thing. There are well over 700,000 residents of Fort Worth. Clearly, they can not all be numbskulls. That's just obvious.

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