Sunday, March 18, 2012

Up Early On A Rainy Sunday In Arizona Thinking About Becoming A Methodist

Looking out my primary viewing portal on the outer world on this 3rd Sunday of the 3rd month of 2012 you might be able to tell I am up well before the sun in the Valley of the Sun.

But,  you can not likely tell that the Valley of the Sun is getting drenched with a rare Sonoran Desert rainstorm.

Wind stressed the fronds of the palm trees almost all day Saturday. And then sometime in the middle of last night I started hearing that soothing pitter patter noise that raindrops specialize in.

Currently it is 47 degrees at my location.

At my former home location, north of being deep in the heart of Texas, it is 20 degrees warmer. Snow is apparently falling in the mountains that surround the Valley of the Sun. I have no idea if, when Sunday lights up, it will reveal a white fringe on the distant peaks.

My mom and dad are going to church in a couple hours. Methodist. I have no idea what the methods of Methodists are. The last time I went to church, with mom and dad, it was to a Presbyterian church.

I did not bring with me my usual Sunday shirt and tie attire. I have been told the Methodist church is quite casual. And, unless someone else, of the congregation, has a visitor, I would likely be the youngest person in church. I do not remember ever being the youngest person in a church before.

I could go swimming now, if I wanted to. I have a swimming pass. All the pools in Sun Lakes are heated. At the main clubhouse there are multiple pools. I have yet to go swimming in any of them.

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