Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Swimming In Arizona With The Well-Seasoned Sun Lakes Ladies

You may guess, both from me saying I was going to do so, in a previous blogging, and from the evidence in the picture, that this morning I have managed to go swimming and lounging in the semi-HOT Arizona sun.

Even though my mom told me my sister was coming over this afternoon to go swimming with me, I decided to go swimming, anyway, this morning, because my sister is notoriously unreliable about doing what my mom says she is going to do.

It is a short walk from my mom and dad's to the Sun Lakes Clubhouse. Mom said they'd come to the Clubhouse in an hour to pick me up. I said ok.

After I left mom and dad's, about a block later, I was on the phone, and found myself suddenly surprised by mom and dad suddenly appearing in their vehicular transport to take me to the Clubhouse.

I'm fine with walking I said, it's not very far.

My mom indicated I might not be able to find the Clubhouse. But you took me there two days ago and I walked there yesterday, said I.

Well, if you get lost, again, just call, mom told me.

About a minute later I was at the Clubhouse.

When I got to the pool zone I saw there were about a half dozen ladies of well-seasoned vintage performing what seemed to me to be some sort of Esther Williams run amok type routine. I took off my shirt and felt the stony gaze of around 12 well-seasoned eyeballs eyeballing me.

I got in the nearest pool. It was a small one. It did not seem very warm. I thought I had previously felt the water in all the pools to find them of a bathtub type temperature. I found out later this pool is called the Chat Pool and that it is not heated.

I am quite used to an unheated pool and so I stayed in the cold water for quite awhile, then decided to exit and go to the Lap Pool.

The Lap Pool is bigger than my pool in Texas. And deeper. And way warmer. I stayed in the Lap Pool a long time. Eventually I exited and began the laying on the lounge chair part of the pool experience. This is when I snapped the picture above, documenting today's pool time.

In the picture you can see the bobbing heads of the well-seasoned ladies doing their Esther Williams routine.

Even though the desert air was only heated to around 55 degrees, eventually I began to overheat and decided it was time to exit. It was well past the hour mark, with no mom and dad arriving to pick me up.

I was about half way back to mom and dad's when I saw them coming towards me. I went into a hitchhike pose and was able to get a ride.

Now that I have discovered how pleasant it is to go swimming in the Sun Lakes pools I wish I'd gone previously, particularly on those stormy rainy days. I suspect on those days I would not have had to compete for pool space with the well-seasoned ladies doing their Esther Williams routines.

Changing the subject from Esther Williams to something else.

I have now learned that tomorrow we are taking a trip to the East, to Globe and other small former mining towns. Where, at some point in time, we may find Fish Tacos in the desert.

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