Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday In The Pink With The Village Creek Indian Ghosts While Not Being Mean Because I Just Don't Like You

Village Creek Pink Blossoms 
Pink became the theme for this week's regularly scheduled Village Creek Natural Historical Area walk with the Indian Ghosts.

There were only a couple open spaces left in the parking lot. I've never seen so many vehicles parked at this parking lot before.

Methinks people are discovering this hidden gem of a park and are learning to enjoy walking with the Indian Ghosts.

There were a lot of colorful characters walking with the Village Creek Indian Ghosts today. 

The first character I came upon today was standing still looking up at a tree, holding three fishing poles and a big tackle box. I asked him if he was looking for fish in the tree. He seemed to take some umbrage over my question and expressed his umbrage with a good Texas twang.

A short while after walking past the guy with three fishing poles, two well-seasoned wiry dames on bikes came to a halt to ask me if I'd seen a pink cell phone. I said no, I had not, and asked if I should. Wiry dame #2 told me that a lady had stopped them to ask if they'd seen a pink cell phone that she'd somehow lost.

Soon I was crossing the dam/bridge across Village Creek. After I crossed the creek a lady came towards me looking happy. She was holding something pink. I asked her if she was the lady who lost her pink cell phone.

She confirmed it was she, and that she'd found it where she'd carelessly left it, sitting on top of one of the picnic tables that overlook the Village Creek Blue Bayou.

A short while after leaving the pink cell phone lady I came upon the pink tree blooms you see in the picture above.

Spring is springing out all over North Texas. This is my favorite time of the year.

On my way back towards my vehicle I came upon two young ladies with three dogs. Young lady #2 had a t-shirt with one of my favorite sentiments on her chest.


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