Monday, March 12, 2012

See You At Prairie Fest 1 Saturday March 31 On The Tandy Hills

Previous to today I thought that due to the fact that I will be a thousand miles distant on the occasion of the first of the 3 part Prairie Fests of 2012, that I would not be able to do any March Prairie Festing.

As I so often do, I thought wrong.

I had erroneously thought that the Prairie Fests were happening on the next to last Saturday of March, April and May.

However, I have now learned, from the Don of the Tandy Hills, that the Prairie Fests will be happening on the final Saturdays of March, April and May.

So, I should be back in the D/FW Metroplex in plenty of time to do myself some Prairie Festing.

I like the changes made to the Prairie Fest. Having vendors and displays seemed an awful lot of bother, to me, for a one day event, with that event being very vulnerable to weather calamity.

That, and last year I really did not like the vendor calamity I found myself in when I found myself helping man the TRIP booth, when suddenly, in mid Prairie Fest, I am told it is time to dismantle our booth. And so I helped doing so, hauling all sorts of heavy things, like building blocks, through the festival grounds.

At one point I lost control of my building blocks and almost did serious damage to a young lady sitting on a hay bale.

To this day I do not know what the reason was for the sudden TRIP evacuation from the Prairie Fest. I tend not to ask questions, with it much easier simply to follow orders when being told what to do by a dominant female who packs heat.

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