Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One Last Walk With The Keechi Creek Indian Ghosts Before I Relocate To The Sonoran Desert

Today was the last day for awhile for me to walk with the Indian Ghosts who haunt the Keechi Creek Natural Historical Area, formerly known as the Village Creek Natural Historical Area.

Currently the Keechi Creek Blue Bayou is being the Keechi Creek Green Bayou.

Today is being cloudy and humid in North Texas, at 76 degrees.

I think I will leave this humid zone for awhile and go spend some time in the Sonoran Desert.

Tomorrow I think my only hiking may occur via walking through airport terminals.

I got gas today on my way to walk with the Indian Ghosts, so I called my mom and dad to tell them I got gas and how much it cost. My mom told me I could have waited and just given them this important information tomorrow in person.

I had not heard from Elsie Hotpepper today til just seconds ago when she informed me that she had no clue. I have no clue what Elsie has no clue about.

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