Thursday, March 1, 2012

A HOT First Day Of March Hike On The Tandy Hills With Bikes & Horses

A Rare Tandy Hills Bike Rider Sighting
The first day of March arrived with the HOTTEST day of the year, so far, on the Tandy Hills.

It felt like Summer today.

The HEAT had me wondering how it is I manage my outdoor activities when the thermometer goes over 100. I guess by then I am acclimated.

Today, on the Tandy Hils, I had a very rare wildlife sighting. That being a human on a bi-pedal device.

Bikes and Horses are banned on the Tandy Hills.

However, lately I have been seeing a lot of horseshoe prints in the dried mud on the Tandy Hills' Trails.

The Tandy Hills are not really all that conducive to mountain biking. I don't know about horse riding. I've seen horse goes places where a mountain bike can not go.

Like I said, Bikes and Horses, plus Motorized Vehicles, are banned on the Tandy Hills.

But, the semi-regular release of raw sewage is not banned. Nor are the motorized vehicles that trample the hills to deal with the semi-regular releases of raw sewage.

These inconsistencies are very perplexing.

I'd much rather see an occasional bike or horse than a flood of raw sewage.

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