Friday, March 2, 2012

Going Swimming Then Finding More Tandy Hills Tires While Thinking About Floating Across Pond Granger In The Vancouver Of The South

Tandy Tires
I was surprised today, on a seldom walked side trail near the center of the Tandy Hills, to see a tire laying above a gully. When I walked closer to check out the mysterious tire I saw it was not alone. There were two mysterious tires.

Unlike the previous Tandy tires that appeared on the Tandy Highway, there was no easy way to get these tires to their location.

Methinks the Tandy Hills had a previous life as some sort of garbage dump before it morphed into its current state of being a Natural Area.

Today is not HOT, like yesterday was, but still totally pleasant.

The big happy news for me today is I successfully went swimming, this morning, for the first time in 2012. About a minute into the water I realized I was going to be able to stay in it as long as I wanted to. And so I did.

Vancouver Seabus
My nephew emailed me last night after he read me mentioning on my blog about us taking the Seabus to North Vancouver. Jason included a picture of the Seabus crossing the bay to North Vancouver.

In just a few short years we may be able to be seeing a similar scene in the Vancouver of the South, Fort Worth, when Pond Granger is filled with water.

J.D. Granger brought a streetcar to Fort Worth to show the locals what one of those rare transportation contrivances looks like. I wonder if J.D. will be bringing a Seabus to Fort Worth to show the locals what they might get to ride across Pond Granger on?

In addition to sending me the picture of the Vancouver Seabus, my nephew made a compelling case for me flying to Phoenix in a couple weeks, when he and Spencer Jack are there. I will decide by tomorrow if I will be doing that.

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