Thursday, March 15, 2012

Getting Lost In Arizona With Giant Saguaro Cactus & Tall Palm Trees While Being Late For Dinner

A Big Sun Lakes Saguaro

I am enjoying my first evening in Arizona. For the most part.

Around 5 I indicated I wanted to go for a walk to check out the local flora. My mom gave me the directions to get to the green belt where I would find lakes, cactus and palm trees.

It was fairly easy to find my way to the green belt via my mom's directions.

I walked around Sun Lake #4. I think there are 5 lakes in Sun Lakes.

After walking the green belt for a distance I decided it was time to retrace my steps.

Somehow I managed to get lost. My mom and dad live on Olive Lane East North. I somehow got on Olive Lane East South. Olive Lane East North and South do not at anytime meet.

Sun Lake #4 With A Tall Palm Tree
So, no wonder someone easily confused, such as myself, might get lost. That and the roads in Sun Lakes are a confusing maze of twists and turns.

When I took off to take a walk my mom asked if I had my phone with me in case I got lost.

When I realized I was lost I called. But I got a wrong number. I thought it was Tootsie Tonasket, but it turned out it was my sister I accidentally called. My sister was able to tell me I needed to find Olive Way East North.

I walked north on Olive Way East South all the way to its northern end. I was totally bum puzzled.

Bum puzzled is a new term I recently learned on Survivor.

Just as I was being my most bum puzzled my dad called to tell me it was time for dinner and that I was late. I told my dad I'd gotten lost, but my sister had pointed me in the right direction. At that point in time I thought my sister had pointed me in the right direction.

A few minutes later I realized I had no idea how to find Olive Way East North, so I called my mom's 24 hour help line. When I told my mom what intersection I was at she was able to direct me back to my starting point.

Where I had dinner.

Have I ever mentioned before that I don't usually eat dinner?

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