Sunday, March 4, 2012

The First Sunday Of March Thinking About Fort Worth Confidential

Looking out my primary viewing portal on the outer world at the early morning of the first Sunday of the third month of 2012 it appears today is starting with a clear blue sky at my location on the planet.

A clear blue sky with air chilled to 40 degrees. That is not too many degrees above freezing. Will this have rendered swimming to be unpleasant? I think I shall soon find out.

I was not too shocked when Mitt Romney won Washington's Republican caucus. Ron Paul came in second.

I watched L.A. Confidential last night. I am fairly certain I'd previously watched this movie, but I had no solid memory of having done so. This is a really good film noir about Los Angeles corruption back in the 1950s.

Watching this movie about L.A. corruption had me thinking a screenwriter could use Fort Worth's current corruption as grist for a FW Confidential movie.

There is so much good comic fodder.

A corrupt congresswoman installing her unqualified son to run a HUGE public works project, that son being a boozing playboy, a mayor shooting pistols in his town's downtown, bragging about the world's premiere urban wakeboard lake wiped out by a flood, a flood control project building a drive-in theater, a sporting goods store being the state's top tourist attraction, the world's most gas drilling operations in an urban setting.

I think I'll go swimming now and think about writing a screenplay.

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