Thursday, March 22, 2012

The 4th Thursday Of March In Arizona Preparing To Travel The Globe To Globe

Looking out my primary viewing portal on the outer desert world on this 4th Thursday of the 3rd month of 2012 I see no sign of the arrival of the sun in the Valley of the Sun, so far this morning.

I think this must indicate I am either up earlier than yesterday or it is cloudy.

I suspect the former, because the latter, that being clouds, seem to have been banished, for now, from this part of the planet.

It is way warmer, this morning, even without the sun's heat, at 55 degrees.

I would go swimming, again, this morning, with all the well-seasoned Sun Lakes ladies doing their Esther Williams routines in the pool, but I can not.

This morning my sister is taking me and my mom and dad to Globe. That is a mining town to the east. Apparently the Globe name comes from a humongous round piece of silver, shaped like a globe, which had vein markings that looked like the outlining of continents.

I do not know if the humongous globe of silver is still available for viewing. I suspect not.

There is a well regarded Mexican restaurant in Globe called Chalo's. Chalo's is known for what the place does with green chiles, with items like green chile enchiladas.

I remember a memorable Mexican joint in Taos called Fred's that specialized in the New Mexican brand of Mexican food. I remember Fred's as being very very good. And crowded.

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