Monday, February 13, 2012

Walking Around Fosdic Lake In A Misty Drizzle Thinking About Catching A Dungeness Crab

I did not realize it til I left my abode that a fine drizzling mist was moistening the outer world at my location.

The fine drizzling mist was very much like what frequently happens in a coastal zone, like my old home port in Washington.

I did not want the fine drizzling mist to drizzle on my camera so I took a photo from the Oakland Lake Park picnic shelter, looking through the bars, whose function I don't understand, at Fosdic Lake.

I was hoping going on a walk would make me feel better. It didn't.

I grow very weary of whatever it is, allergy or virus, that is making my respiratory system not function correctly.

Sister Jackie & Nephew David
Yesterday, on Abraham Lincoln's birthday, I was unable to reach my sister to wish her a happy birthday.

This morning on the Blue & Max blog I saw that my sister is up in Tacoma, which explains why she was not answering her land line in Arizona.

For her birthday my sister got Dungeness Crab at Pike Place Market in Seattle.

I have not tasted Dungeness Crab since the last time I was in Tacoma.

I miss fresh seafood.

Catfish does not qualify as seafood.

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