Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Very Dark Morning Of The 2nd Day Of February With A Barbecue Hangover

Looking out my primary viewing portal on this second morning of February it is dark, very very dark.

My eyes are burning bad this morning. As bad as if someone was blowing smoke in my eyes.

I do not think my burning eyes are a residual effect from visiting the smoke, last night, that spews from the Woodshed Smokehouse.

I do think that last night's nightmares, that featured Granny Grassroots, were a residual effect from visiting the Woodshed Smokehouse.

I think I may have consumed too many barbecue products last night, which may have been what helped cause the disturbing nightmares.

Changing the subject from smoke, Granny Grassroots and nightmares to my favorite subject.

The sun has now arrived, turning the formerly dark view from my primary viewing portal to a bright view. I can see that, currently, the sky is free of clouds at my location on the planet.

Currently, according to my computer based temperature monitoring device it is 49 degrees. I think a return to the raw sewage of the Tandy Hills is in my future today.

And no swimming.

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