Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Playing With Long Necked Fosdic Lake Birds Thinking About Foregoing Wells Fargo Bank

In the center of the picture is a long necked bird standing in the shallows of Fosdic Lake, in Oakland Lake Park, surrounded by sticks.

The long necked bird seemed not to care at all that I was near. Usually the long necked birds are a bit on the skittish side and are quick to take flight.

Fosdic Lake was seeming a bit on the full side today. I have no idea if Fosdic Lake is having its water elevation raised by any of Fort Worth's multiple water and sanitary sewer line leaks.

I started off today feeling quite the ball of energy.

Then, before I went to visit the birds who float on Fosdic Lake, I went to Wells Fargo Bank. Suffice to say, Wells Fargo Bank aggravated me. I believe Well Fargo Bank is in some sort of hot water due to bad deeds done in the whole home foreclosure mess. Wells Fargo Bank seems to be a not too competently run bank.

But, the tellers are friendly.

My other bank, First Convenience, which I took to calling First Inconvenience, a year ago, when first opening an account, has turned out to be a perfectly fine and convenient bank.

I think Wells Fargo will become Wells Forgo, soon.

And on the temperature news front. It is only 57 degrees in the outer world at my location, according to my computer based temperature monitoring device. But, I was feeling overheated in my interior space, so I've opened windows.

I fear I may be in the first throes of Male Menopause and may be having Hot Flashes.

It is almost always something. And usually it is aggravating.

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