Wednesday, February 8, 2012

On The Tandy Hills Enjoying New Brush Free Vistas

The New Nude Tandy Mesa
It was barely 40 when I took off for the Tandy Hills a few minutes before noon. I did not realize til I got cold that today required long pants.

Lacking long big boy pants caused me to need to run up the hills in order to warm up.

I parked on View Street to enter the hills via the main entry point. Off the main trail, I took the first option to the right.

I was soon surprised to see the formerly brushy view totally altered by Saturday's Brush Bash, with there now being a clear view of a now bare, flat mesa.

I am thinking this newly bared, flat mesa is going to provide a colorful wildflower vista in a couple months.

I heard no unseemly motorized vehicle noises today. I did not get near the site of the recent massive Tandy Hills Raw Sewage Spill to see if the ecological disaster is still being worked on.

Or cleaned up.

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