Monday, February 6, 2012

The Monday Morning Post Super Bowl Bad Commercials Muted Madonna Blues

Looking out my primary viewing portal on the outer world on this first Monday of the second month of 2012, the view is frosty this morning, with this morning's frostiness caused by the outer world, at my location, being chilled to a freezing temperature of 32 degrees.

I was up real late on Super Bowl Sunday, causing me to be up late on post Super Bowl Monday.

I actually watched the entire Super Bowl. I think I have only done that once before, that being the one and only time the Seattle Seahawks made it to the Super Bowl.

I think it is time to retire the myth that Super Bowl commercials are all that special. This year, once again, for the most part, the commercials were not very memorable. Or just downright embarrassing.

Methinks whoever signed off on that Audi commercial with vampires needs to lose his or her job.

I don't think the Coca-Cola Polar Bears are cute. And being able to interact with them via a smart phone ap is just silly.

I did not like seeing Grandma launch a baby with a sling shot to grab a bag of Doritos from the baby's big brother. That seemed like baby endangerment to me. That and baby's should not be eating Doritos.

The commercial for a new Chevy car called Sonic was really bad and really made no sense to me. I kept thinking it was the burger chain being advertised until the end of the ad.

Most of the beer commercials were not at all good. And certainly did not motivate me to want to try Platinum Beer.

The exception to the bad beer commercials was one for Budweiser with an End of Prohibition theme.

Another commercial that I liked was the dog going on a diet. But, sadly, this commercial did not imprint on me what it was an advertisement for.

And then there was the Madonna Halftime Show. This was a suitably slick over production. But, on my TV, Madonna's vocals were way too muted.

I spent way too much of the Super Bowl feeling bloated after having over eaten.

I'm still feeling bloated this morning. I wish a swim was in my future today. I know some hill hiking is. That and spending way to many hours upgrading a way too technical website.

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