Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day From An Insomniac With Bad Cursive Skills

I am up well before the sun on this 2nd Tuesday of the 2nd month of 2012, also known as Valentine's Day.

It is a very dark view from my primary viewing portal on the outer world this morning.

My computer based weather advisor has issued a Dense Fog Advisory. There does appear to be some fog, but I would not, currently, call it dense.

Last night I had myself a bad bout of insomnia. Real bad. This is not good. I need to be firing on all cylinders today so I can finish an annoying website making project that suddenly became difficult yesterday afternoon.

During one of the brief periods when I did fall asleep last night my phone woke me up with a spam text message.

Changing the subject from my litany of woes to something else.

I was surprised this morning to read in my old hometown newspaper that teaching cursive writing is no longer part of the Washington State Curriculum of Common Core State Standards.

Apparently learning cursive writing is yet one more casualty of the computer age.

I am left handed and have never had very good handwriting. I so seldom hand write anything anymore, that when I do, it is borderline illegible, no matter how hard I try to write nice.

So, if you get a Valentine's Day card in the mail from me today and you can not read what I wrote, you now know why.

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