Friday, February 3, 2012

The Dark Drought Free Dawn Of The 3rd Morning Of February In Texas

Looking through the bars of my patio prison cell, this third dark morning of February, you might guess, due to the grayish look to the sky above the pool, that we are under a cloud cover at my location on the planet.

You would be guessing correctly.

I was surprised when I stepped outside this morning to find myself being moisturized by a fine mist.

A couple downpours hit the ground before midnight last night.

With those downpours last night and the deluge from last week, apparently, this was enough water for something called the U.S. Drought Monitor to claim that the Great Texas Drought is over for the Dallas/Fort Worth zone.

According to these drought monitors a section of North Texas making up under 5 percent of the state is  now at drought free status.. This leaves almost 60 percent of Texas still too dry, with an extreme drought, and 27 percent of Texas parched at the highest level of drought.

Last night was warm to an almost borderline summer heat level of HOT. I do not recollect sleeping cover free at this time of year before. Last year at this time the furnace was running around the clock to combat the frigid freeze.

Even though it is 62 degrees this morning, I don't think I will be going swimming.

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