Saturday, February 4, 2012

Checking On The Tandy Hills Brush Bashers & The No Longer Flowing Tandy Raw Sewage River

Tandy Brush Bashers In Action
Today, Saturday, was the day scheduled for those who feel the need to bash brush, to do so on the Tandy Hills.

Personally, I have no particular aversion to non-native vegetation wreaking havoc with the natural state of the Tandy Hills Natural Prairie.

So, I don't bash brush.

Now, if there was a Tandy Hills Wrecked Vehicles Bash, that I might participate in.

I probably would not participate in a Tandy Hills Creek Litter Bash, due to the fact that it seems so futile. You bash the litter, and then it quickly returns.

I might sign on to a Tandy Hills Sanitary Sewer Line Bash, due to the fact that the sewer lines which run through the Tandy Hills seem to regularly add an unwanted natural element to the hills.

Sanitary Sewer Workers Plugging A Raw Sewage Leak
Today I was pleased to see that the raging river of raw sewage that had turned the Tandy Highway into the Tandy Raw Sewage River, has been stopped.

As you can see in the picture, Fort Worth Sanitary Sewer work trucks were on the job today.

I walked up to one of the Sanitary Sewer workers. He asked if I was lost. I said I was not lost, I was hiking.

He then told me I did not want to go that way, pointing towards the former river of raw sewage, telling me that it was too muddy to walk on.

I told him I knew about the sewer break. I asked if it was fixed. He said that it was. He then shook his head and said it was really bad.

The Sanitary Sewer Worker then told me to "take care". Since English was not his first language I don't think he realized that this trite cliche was a bit out of place.

It is going to be awhile before I walk on the ground where so much raw sewage flowed. All that fertilizer should sprout some interesting vegetation in a couple months.

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