Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The 2nd Tuesday Of February Dawns Bright White After A Night Of Too Much Repartee

When I looked out my primary viewing portal on the outer world at the pre-dawn darkness on this second Tuesday of the second month of 2012 a bright flash of white temporarily blinded me.

When the temporary blinding abated I could see that the sun was beginning to light up what appears to be a partly cloudy sky.

Last night, when I turned off my TV, Mitt Romney was leading in Colorado. By morning Rick Santorum had won Colorado. And Minnesota and Missouri. And not by a small margin.

Methinks the Republicans are messing up real bad and the result will be 4 more years of Barack Obama.

Last night, for the first time in a long time, I exchanged multiple messages with Wee Cheng in Singapore. Wee asked me if Obama was a Republican or a Democrat. Wee said she likes Obama.

Last night, in addition to Wee, I had multiple messages going from various sources. Both my monitors were popping up with messages. Facebook  messages, Facebook comments, blog comments and email.

It can get confusing. When making rapid comments I tend to go short, succinct and snarky. And try to be a bit amusing and possibly witty.

Trouble is, if it is multiple messages going on to multiple people I lose track of who I need to be totally literal with and who can handle obtuse humor. With the non-literal, banter is more easily exchanged, With the literal I can go off the rails, with those earnest types confused.

By 11, last night, I was tired of too much messaging and went to bed, where I think nightmares caused the erratic messaging to continue.

I am looking forward to today being a message free day. If you email me, Facebook me or comment me and I do not reply, that is why.

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