Thursday, January 12, 2012

Walking With The Indian Ghosts To The Blue Bayou Of Village Creek With Cbonesmom & Otterpengu

Village Creek Blue Bayou
Two out three of my sisters went walking with me today with the Indian Ghosts who haunt the Village Creek Natural Historical Area in the town of Arlington in the state of Texas.

One of my sister's Indian name is Cbonesmom. The other sister's Indian name is Otterpengu. Cbonesmom lives in the Phoenix suburb of Chandler. Otterpengu lives in the Seattle suburb of Kent.

It was nice today to see that the Village Creek Blue Bayou has returned to being blue due to the return of blue sky.

A really cold blue sky. Which had a strong wind blowing below it, which had the wind chill factor making the air feel real cold.

Talking to two-thirds of my sisters today left me feeling rather melancholy.

I can't go swimming to make myself feel in a less melancholy mood.

And chocolate does nothing for me.

I've heard before, somewhere, that adult beverages containing alcohol can elevate ones mood from melancholy. I've also heard, somewhere, that consuming adult beverages containing alcohol can cause health woes and acts as a depressant.

Anything that acts as a depressant is likely not something someone feeling melancholy would want to imbibe in.

I think I'll drink a glass of alcohol-free water and see if that lifts me out of my melancholy mood.

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