Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Walk Around Fosdic Lake With My Snowbound Sister While Gar The Texan Risks Being Sent To Guantanamo

In the picture you are looking at the vast inland sea, located in Fort Worth, known as Fosdic Lake, with Fosdic Lake being the centerpiece of Oakland Lake Park.

I have looked for years and have recently given up the search for Oakland Lake. I have been over every square inch of Oakland Lake Park, with the only lake I've found being Fosdic Lake.

I am usually relentless persistent when I am on a quest, but this time I am giving up.

My sister who lives in the south King County suburb of Seattle called Kent walked with me today. And talked.

My sister told me that today's conditions in Washington are worse than anything during her 25 years of working for UPS. Olympia and points south of Olympia have up to a couple feet of snow piled up. I suspect it is currently impossible to drive I-5 to Portland.

My sister was about to go out to play in the snow when I called. She said she'd send me pictures. And so she did. I'll make them into a separate blogging.

Prior to leaving my abode to go walk around Fosdic Lake I'd blogged about the Wikipedia blackout. Gar the Texan then kindly pointed out yet one more of my embarrassing typo embarrassments.

And then later Gar the Texan made another comment, telling me how to work around the Wikipedia blackout. With the passing of Steve Jobs, Gar the Texan is likely the world's top computer guru.....

Gar has left a new comment on your post "The Wikipedia Blackout Puts A Stop To My World Of Free Knowledge": 

When you get to a wiki page, you may notice it "flashes" to the blackout page. This is because it's loading a JavaScript to display the World Without Free Knowledge page. If you hit ESC before it loads the JavaScript, you can still read your Wiki pages. Alternatively, you could just turn JavaScript off for the next 20 hours or so :). Just don't tell the feds.

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Gar said...

In the ultimate display of anti-SOPA-tism I stole that information from someone else, modified it, and made it my own. By you allowing it to be posted on your site, you've probably violated all kinds of laws.

I've never been compared to Steve.