Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Smoke Makes Me Homesick For Washington But I Am Not Going To Rant About It

About once or twice a year I'll have a moment or two where I get slightly homesick for my old home zone of Washington.

Last night my oldest nephew sent me a photo which made me homesick for the first time this year.

It is a simple photo, sent from a phone. In the photo my grand nephew, Spencer Jack, is standing next to two of his aunts, with the one in the middle being his namesake.

My nephew was told he can't go wrong by naming his kid after his richest relative. And so he did.

The thing in the photo that made me homesick is not the bottle of beer next to the aunt on the right that appears to be floating in the air.

The thing that made me homesick was the campfire. I have not sat around a campfire on a foggy winter day in this century.

Texas BBQ smoke smells good, but that smoke smell smells different than the smoke smell you get from the firewood that you have available for burning in Washington. Like Alder. Or any of the Evergreen softwoods, like Cedar, Douglas Fir, Pine or Hemlock.

Changing the subject from smoke to ranting.

Elsie Hotpepper informed me today that I have been in rant mode lately. I realized I was not quite sure exactly what a rant is, as in the precise definition. So, I consulted the Urban Dictionary, where you know you're going to get a precise definition, and learned....

To rant is to speak aggressively about something. or to take your own tangent about a subject and talk for a long time in a passionate manner. To suddenly give a long speech that usually results in rambling and repeating of nonsense.

Well, reading that definition I can clearly see that it is true that I am a ranter. I constantly and consistently ramble and repetitively repeat nonsense.

I hope this new self awareness about ranting does not make me self-conscious about it to the point that my venting via ranting comes to a screeching halt. Because I really enjoy rambling repetitive nonsense, in what, apparently, is a rant.

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