Friday, January 13, 2012

Shooting Egrets On Fosdic Lake While Worrying About Mob Hits & Elsie Hotpepper On Friday The 13th

Going to Oakland Lake Park to walk around Fosdic Lake was my endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation location for today.

Yesterday I was underdressed for my aerobic stimulation. Today I was overdressed. It makes it a lot easier when it is real HOT and this type problem is not an issue.

Today there were a lot of birds on Fosdic Lake. Mostly ducks, paddling together in tight circled groups. I assume to keep warm.

I believe that is an Egret on a limb above Fosdic Lake you are looking at in the picture. Usually these type birds are easily spooked and fly away. This guy or gal let me get fairly close before its fight or flight response kicked in.

I believe I have taken a picture of this type bird before and that someone, I think it was CatsPaw, identified it.  Due to my AADD (Adult Attention Deficit Disorder) I often forget what I'm told. Like the name of specific bird.

Speaking of specific birds. I am a little worried about Elsie Hotpepper. She sent me an email message from her phone that said, "the mob is going to kill me."

I'm thinking this "mob" hit was a predictive text error that Elsie Hotpepper did not notice before she hit the send button.

A predictive text error happened once with my mom and dad when they texted me "be good at noon." Noon was only about 15 minutes away when I got the message from mom and dad telling me to be good at noon. I later learned what they'd meant to tell me was "be home at noon."

Then again, now that you are making me think about it, it really is not all that far fetched to think that the "mob" might have a hit out on Elsie Hotpepper. Elsie is a bit of a feather ruffler. Something I avoid being, hence no "mob" hits out on me.

I hope everyone is having themselves a mighty fine Friday the 13th.


CatsPaw said...

Your Fosdic fellow appears to be a Great Blue Heron. If he was snowy white, I would say a Great Egret. I think we identified a yellow-crowned night heron living among the Indian ghosts before.

Self Appointed Family Historian said...

I agree it's a Blue Heron...