Saturday, January 21, 2012

Seeing New Signs Of Tandy Hills Renewal Along With Town Talk Cuties, Cabbage & Newts

The Freshly Re-Painted Tandy Hills Sign
Since I am a creature of repetitive habit and since today is Saturday, that means I went to Town Talk today.

The Tandy Hills were once again my choice of location to get myself some endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation.

Since I was going to Town Talk I chose the View Street parking location, rather than the top of Mount Tandy.

Arriving on View Street I was pleased to see the Tandy Hills-Stratford Parks sign has been re-painted and restored to legibility. As long as I have seen the Tandy Hills I have seen this sign faded.

What looks like an antennae sticking up from the top of the right side of the sign is actually the Fort Worth Space Needle atop the aforementioned Mount Tandy.

What a difference one day makes in Texas, weather-wise. Yesterday I hiked the Tandy Hills in shorts with no shirt. And got HOT. By this morning it was freezing, warmed to 41, when I did my hill hiking. So, I had on long pants, two layers of shirts, a hat and a windbreaker.

If the temperature predictors have predicted correctly, today will reach a high of only 51. But tomorrow we will be heated up, again, into the high 70s.

I have not turned on my furnace today. And right now I have my computer room window open, even though it is only 49 degrees out there in the outer world at my location.

Today, at Town Talk, for the second time ever, I had to use a grocery cart, rather than just carry a basket. It was the bags of Cuties oranges for only a buck that required the grocery cart. That and some really big cabbage. And some butternut squash. Everything else I got could have fit into my usual handheld basket.

On my way back from my aborted trip, last night, to play Paradise Center Camp Bowie Bingo, as I drove down the hill that leads to my abode I saw something that really bothers me. I think I will take a walk in awhile to photo document what bothered me and then blog about it.

Tonight should be entertaining television viewing, hopefully entertaining due to watching Newt upset Mitt in South Carolina. Even more entertaining would be Ron Paul upsetting Newt and Mitt. Rick Santorum upsetting anyone would not be as entertaining. At least to me.

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