Saturday, January 7, 2012

Reservations About The Tandy Hills Manly Men Wild Women Hike & Elsie Hotpepper's Baby Talk

The Stunning Skyline Of Beautiful Downtown Fort Worth
On The Cloudy 1st Saturday Of The new Year
As you may be able to tell from the non-blue sky, it is a cloudy day in North Texas.

Today's view of the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth is from the far northeast corner of the Tandy Hills Natural Area.

I hiked to the far northeast corner of the Tandy Hills today because I wanted to see what the Fort Worth Water Crews have been up to the past couple days.

I made it to the Tandy Hills well after the Manly Men and Wild Women had finished their yellow ribbon guided hike.

I did not go on the Manly Men Wild Women Hike because I'd sent in my RSVP ASAP as directed, but my reservation had not been confirmed by hiking time and I just did not feel right about showing up without a confirmed reservation.

Okay, the real reason I did not go hiking with the legion of Manly Men and Wild Women is I learned on the first Manly Men Wild Women Hike that I am unable to keep up with the fast pace set by the leader of the Manly Men, Godfather Don.

My hiking on the Tandy Hills is done real slow, at a very relaxing speed. Like a turtle. Those high speed Manly Men and Wild Women quickly leave me running out of breath and hyperventilating.

Changing the subject from Manly Men to Elsie Hotpepper and having a baby.

I just got email from Elsie Hotpepper asking me if I'm not talking to her because her talk about having a baby gave me nightmares. I was not even aware I was not talking to Elsie Hotpepper, let alone not doing so because of all the Elsie Hotpepper baby talk.

Changing the subject from Elsie Hotpepper and having a baby, back to the Tandy Hills.

I underestimated my clothing needs needed for hiking today. A t-shirt was not shirt enough. Very chilly. Eventually I was able to warm up. To do so I had to accelerate slightly faster than my usual turtle pace.

The work the Fort Worth Water Crew has done to the "road" that heads east from the Tandy Highway is interesting. Previously that "road" had a section where a creek had eroded a big ditch/gully that was a slight challenge to cross.

The ditch/gully has now been basically dammed.

Rain is predicted to fall on this parched part of the planet this coming week. It will be interesting to see how long the new "bridges" on the Tandy "roads" last before they are washed out again.


Anonymous said...

I didn't go on the hike either - I'm allergic to organized activities.

And, honestly, like you, I worry about the pace. I don't have to be the manliest man or the wildest woman, but I would hate to be the panting pussy bringing up the rear.

And here's hoping in my unapologetically selfish way that this latest effort to popularize the Tandy Hills fails, and the park reverts to and remains its sparsely traveled self.

Don Young said...

Your rsvp was not confirmed because it was not received. Perhaps you mistyped? Whatever, we missed your presence. The hike was completed in record time of exactly one hour by most MM-WW's. About 50 folks showed up. Good time was had by all.

Durango said...

Anonymous, I also suffer from a minor allergy to organized activities. I think you and I were accurately cognizant of the ordeal we would have faced, because I have heard from Godfather Don that this year's Manly Men and Wild Women completed the course in record time. 911 would have needed to be called with an emergency helicopter airlift, of me, had I subjected myself to that excessive aerobicness.

Durango said...

DY, I am sure I sent in my RSVP. The post office must have lost it. I saw the pics of all the Manly Men and Wild Women on Facebook. Looked like a fast-paced group.

Anonymous said...

Geez Durango - they did it in record time? Just as well we hung back. I keep imagining Don Young starting the hike with this quote from 'The Chronicles of Riddick':

'There's gonna be one speed. Mine. If you can't keep up don't step up - you'll just die.'

Durango said...

Anonymous, I watched a video on Facebook documenting Saturday's Manly Men Wild Women Forced March led by Godfather Don. I got winded just watching.