Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pictures Of Today's Washington Snow Day With Things Texans Say When It Snows

In the first picture you are looking at what I believe is the north shore of Big Lake. Big Lake is a big lake in the Skagit Valley of Washington, located about 2 miles to the east of the location of my former abode in Mount Vernon.

Before my brother moved to Arizona he lived in a house on a hill that overlooked Big Lake. Currently the only person I know who lives at Big Lake is my brother's first ex-wife, my favorite ex-sister-in-law, Spencer Jack's Grandma.

My Sister's Front Yard In Kent
For Texans topographically used to flatness, that white covered object in the background, in the Big Lake picture, is what is known as a foothill.

This particular foothill is a foothill of the Cascade Mountains.

If the view turned just a bit to the left you would see yourself some Cascade Mountains, including the Mount Baker volcano, if the sky was cleared of clouds.

The non-Big Lake snow day pictures are from my sister, playing out in the snow, whilst snowbound, in the south King County suburb of Seattle called Kent.

The #1 Vehicle In Washington Today Is A Sled
From my sister's location, above Lake Meridian, there is no direction she can go without having to deal with a hill. So, til the slipperiness subsides, my sister is driving nowhere, even though she has a 4 wheel drive Honda SUV.

I can not tell if that is my sister or my ex-wife sledding solo down a steep hill.

I thought I was going to get some pictures of Tilly the Dachshund on a sled. Apparently Tilly has specially made winter outerwear. I do not know if Tilly's older siblings, Rosie the Rat Dog and Bean have winter outerwear.

I suspect Rosie likely stays away from the snow. Rosie the Rat Dog is something like 40 years old, wrinkled, with failing eyes. Still cute though.

The only text in the email that contained my sister's snow photos said, "I should know better than to walk a mile in snow, get on a sled, go down a hill and expect for it to turn out okay!"

My Sister & Ex-Wife Caught Possibly Illegally Sledding
I do not know what did not turn out okay. However, there was one photo of a firetruck, at least I think it was a firetruck.

In the last photo it appears that my sister, on the left, and my ex-wife, on the right, have their hands in the air, as if a law enforcement officer has ordered them assume that position.

I have no idea why my ex-wife has been cut-off at the knees. I'm guessing what ever the story is, it is not a tragedy.

Meanwhile, over on Facebook, I think it was MLK who posted an amusing video of a guy in Seattle saying various things the locals say about the snow when a rare occurrence, like today's Snow Day, happens. Methinks Texans might be heard saying similar things during a rare Texas Snow Day, except for any mountain or public transit references (View Part 2 of Seattle People Snow Taking at the end of the video. It is funnier and mentions Sedro Woolley. Twice) ....

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Steve A said...

I hate to say it, but people in Montreal say stuff nearly as dumb when it snows there. I was surprised, though I guess I shouldn't have been. Perhaps most surprising is that people seem to forget that 4WD doesn't help you stop any better!