Friday, January 13, 2012

Looking Forward To Taking A Break From My Texas Exile To Spend A Year In Washington

In the picture you are looking at my house in Washington. Construction started during the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984, moved in in late spring of 1985. Moved from this house, to Texas, in December of 1998.

Today, after lengthy negotiations, I agreed to move back to Washington.

But not to my former house in Mount Vernon. It was sold in 2003. A sale which cut my last physical connection to Washington.

I will be moving to a house in Tacoma.

I like Tacoma.

There may be a person, or two, in Tacoma, who I don't like, but I like the town.

I am agreeing to move back to Washington for a year. So, Texas is not totally rid of me. At least I think that is the case. And even if Texas was rid of me, it is easy to keep an Eye on Texas from afar, what with our modern communication devices.

I like the idea of spending a year in Washington, after all this time away. Elsie Hotpepper can fly in for a visit. Elsie Hotpepper has never been to the Pacific Northwest. It would be amusing to cause Elsie Hotpepper some culture shock. Elsie does not like it when the earth moves unexpectedly.


Steve A said...

Without getting too specific, what part of Tacoma?

Durango said...

Slightly south of Old Town. Walking distance from the Stadium Thriftway.

CatsPaw said...

"Durango Tacoma" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

I guess we'd better play bingo before you scoot.

Ubiquitous Anonymous said...

Adios, brother Jones.

Mike Wegner said...

You're going to miss Town Talk, Durango.

Anonymous said...

When should we plan the 'welcome home party?'

Durango said...

Anonymous, the answer to your 'when' question is 2020. I can not be more specific than that.