Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Last Day Of The First Month Of 2012 Has Already Arrived

Looking through the bars of my patio prison cell at the dawn of the last day of the first month of 2012 you can see that we are under a pre-rain cloud cover.

What you can not see is the outer world at my location is currently heated to a relatively balmy 59 degrees.

At this point in time a year ago, in the days leading up to the Super Bowl debacle in Arlington, we were freezing and covered with ice on this part of the planet.

If the predicted rain does not arrive by the noon time frame I plan to return to the Tandy Hills for the first time in over a week.

Due to a lot of unexpected interruptions, yesterday, I did not make it to any location where I could get myself some much needed endorphins. Today, even if I have to walk at high speed in Wal-Mart, I am going to get myself some endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation.

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