Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Final Saturday Of The First Month Of 2012 Dawns Late In Texas

Looking out my primary viewing portal on the outer world, on this final Saturday of the first month of 2012, due to how brightly lit the outer world appears to be, you might guess I opened my primary viewing portal's sun-blocking device after the arrival of the sun this morning.

You would have guessed right.

I was up way later Friday night than is my norm.

This has me up way later Saturday morning than is my norm.

I prefer to be operating in norm mode rather than not in norm mode.

I was under the impression that the temperature predictors had predicted it would be freezing this morning, as in 32 degrees. However, my computer-based temperature monitoring device is indicating it is 39 degrees.

I only know of 4 things in store for me on this last Saturday of January of 2012. Blogging, working on a website, an aerobic walk at a, currently, undetermined location and going to Town Talk.

It will be a full and tiring day and I will not be going swimming this morning.

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