Sunday, January 22, 2012

At Chesapeake Energy's Party In Fort Worth You Must Attend Attired Like A Pirate Or A Cocktail

Elsie Hotpepper and I are looking forward to next month's Chesapeake Energy "The Party In Fort Worth" where the Fort Worth elite meet and greet to raise money to raise awareness in the rest of the nation about Fort Worth being the Best City in the World.

Individual tickets have now SOLD OUT. Which is not surprising as the Individual tickets only cost $200.

Sponsor Tables have also sold out.

1200 -1300 guests are expected at Chesapeake's Pirate Party.

I did not know until Elsie and I received our informational packets that specific attire was required.

As you can see via the screencap from The Party in Fort Worth website, where it says...

Attire: Pirates of the Caribbean style costumes, or cocktail

Or cocktail? Is that thrown in just to make sure J.D. Granger shows up? So he can come as a Martini rather than Blackbeard or Jean Lafitte?

Is J.D's mom going to be attired like a pirate wench, like the ones the pirates chase in Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean? Will Betsy price also be a pirate wench?

Is The Party in Fort Worth going to be televised so the 748,922 who are not among the Fort Worth elite can watch all the pirate fun?

After all, the party is taking place in a public facility, the Fort Worth Convention Center, which the non-elite did help pay for.

Maybe the 748,922 Fort Worth non-elites should descend on the Fort Worth Convention Center on February 25 and crash the party. That would fit in well with the pirate theme....

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Anonymous said...

I meant to send you this when it was announced in the Star-Telegram a few weeks ago.

They are calling the Barnett Shale minerals, buried treasure.