Thursday, January 12, 2012

An Arctic Blast Has Blasted North Texas This 2nd Thursday Morning Of 2012

You might guess via the view out of my primary viewing portal on the outer world that the sun and I got up about the same time on this 2nd Thursday of 2012.

Your guess would be correct.

A strong wind, during the dark hours, blew in a cold front that was chilled up in Canada before delivery to Texas.

Canada has Arctic blasted us formerly warm Texas inhabitants to the sub-freezing cold of 30 degrees.

I had my windows open yesterday. I don't remember doing that in January before. I've got the furnace blowing artificially heated air on me right now. I do remember doing that in January before.

I had a strange bout of sneezing yesterday afternoon. Have there been any reports of strange bouts of sneezing associated with being in close proximity to a Barnett Shale well getting Fracked?

I wish I could say I am going swimming now. But I can't. I used to have thicker skin, but in my old age I've grown more sensitive to cold temperatures.

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