Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The 2nd Wednesday Of 2012 With Stars Twinkling & Rick Perry A One Percenter

I was feeling liberated when I stepped outside into the outer world to view that world from my secondary viewing portal to find myself not looking through the bars of my patio prison cell.

The bars will likely return by tomorrow morning with me again feeling trapped.

I am up way before the sun this morning. The second Wednesday morning of 2012.

Currently chilled to only 4 degrees above freezing.

Judging from a few stars I saw twinkling above me, methinks the cloud cover that has been covering my location on this formerly parched part of the planet the past couple days may have lifted.

I did not see much that struck me as interesting as I read my various online news sources this morning. I guess the stunning Mitt Romney upset in New Hampshire was the biggest news. Rick Perry did better than I would have thought he would, getting a whopping 1% of the vote.

If Rick Perry lasts until the Texas primary I wonder if he will get more than 1%?

Mr. Galtex and CatsPaw made amusing comments on yesterday's blogging about me having myself a real fine time riding Fort Worth buses with all the poor homeless people.

Is CatsPaw going to go play bingo with me at Paradise Bingo on Friday the 20th? I don't know. Cats are very inscrutable.


Anonymous said...

Any news about A defector's strange disappearance?

Durango said...

Anonymous, since I have no idea who A defector is, I also have no news about his or her strange disappearance.

CatsPaw said...

I will inscrutably answer "Perhaps."

In all honesty, *I* am far easier to pin down to a commitment to do something than you are, Dutch Boy.

We shall talk.

Durango said...

Sorry, inscrutable CatsPaw, I have serious commitment issues. I did not realize anyone noticed.