Saturday, December 17, 2011

Walking Under The Quanah Parker Park Pecan Pondering Breaking Bad Mad Men & Rolling Eyes

The Leafless Quanah Parker Park Pecan
It seems like just a few days ago I took a picture of the Quanah Parker Park Historically Heritaged Pecan Tree in all its full leaf glory.

And now, just a short time later, a little bit of freezing has pretty much de-nuded the Parker Pecan of its leaves.

Judging by the number of cars in the Quanah Parker Park Parking lot today one might come to the conclusion that all the Quanah Parker Park improvements are drawing in more people.

I had multiple human encounters today on the Quanah Parker Park Paved Trail. The norm is zero human encounters.

Even though it was somewhere in the mid 40s, when I went walking, I overheated in just a t-shirt and long pants. Now, late on Saturday afternoon, coming up on 5, it is 3 degrees shy of 60 in the outer world at my location.

Speaking of the temperature, just minutes ago I learned from a prince of a person calling himself Anonymous that my weather reports cause this particular Anonymous person's eyes to roll. I am impressed, impressed I tell you, that the power of the words that make up my weather reports are such that they can cause someone's eyes to roll.

This is what Anonymous said.......

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "On Top Chef Texas This Week We Learned That Tim Love Owns Fort Worth & Loves Tequila": 

You watch terrible tv (really, ever heard of Breaking Bad or Mad Men), the weather reports are eye rolling and could skip all the family/friends stuff....BUT when you turn your attention to other topics like J.D or the Love Shack--scathingly funny. May you survive the holidays to amuse me further. 

I have no idea how Anonymous knows what all I watch on TV. I don't care for Breaking Bad or Mad Men. I won't watch anything on AMC. I also thought The Sopranos was totally overhyped back when it repeatedly won Emmy awards for HBO.

As for me being scathingly funny. I find my weather reports to be scathingly funny. And my family/friends stuff to be intensely fascinating. The J.D./Trinity River Vision Boondoggle stuff I just find really sort of sad. And like shooting fish in a barrel.

It is not just people in Texas who read my Texas weather reports. People shivering up north read my weather reports of it being yet one more sunny Saturday in Texas, heated to almost 60, in the middle of December.

Changing the subject from my favorite one to Town Talk.

Town Talk was super busy today. I suppose due to it being the last Saturday it will be open before Christmas. I'm assuming Town Talk is closed next Saturday, what with it being Christmas Eve.

I had an incident in Town Talk today involving broccoli, the details of which we need not discuss, lest I cause some inadvertent eye rolling.


The pauper said...

I give you credit for staying on top of that Grangerization of this community. Usually in a way that's both scathing and funny. Maybe to the chagrin of local journalists and media types who can't be blamed for being green with envy toward you for your knack for getting facts about the boondoggle and its scandalous aspects that even some of them who are natives of this area cannot seem to access and publish.

Anonymous said...

Shooting "contaminated" fish in a barrel.